Company Profile

As of July 2016, the Company is wholly owned by nogaholding, the business and investment arm of NOGA of the Kingdom of Bahrain, which acts as the steward for the Government’s investment in a diversified range of energy-related companies. Tatweer Petroleum is now responsible for all upstream operations in the Kingdom, including oil and gas exploration, development, and production activities, in addition to gas distribution and sales.

The Company’s primary goal is to increase the production of oil and the availability of gas to meet the future energy demands of the Kingdom of Bahrain, in line with the nation’s Economic Vision 2030.

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Chairman’s Message

Mr Faisal Mohamed Al Mahroos

Tatweer Petroleum continued its strong performance in production, despite the challenges brought by the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, successfully accomplishing the 2020 Annual Work Program and Budget (AWPB) without any major deviation. Improvements in production were mainly due to the drilling of new wells, as well as executing the Ostracod-Magwa (OST/MAG) hydraulic fracking project and partially commissioning Phase V compression. A total of five (5) new Khuff gas wells were drilled as well as one hundred and sixty four (164) new oil wells in 2020, bringing the total number of new wells drilled since Tatweer Petroleum’s inception in 2010 to one thousand three hundred and three (1,303), including fifteen (15) Khuff gas wells.

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The Oil and Gas Holding Company (nogaholding)

nogaholding is the oil and gas  investment and development arm of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Company plays a fundamental role in the execution of the strategic plans of the authority and stewardship of the government’s investment in oil, gas and petrochemical sector in Bahrain.

Vision & Mission



We will foster a passionate and inspired workforce by providing the opportunity to learn and advance in our performance-driven organization

Health, Safety, and Environment

We strive to provide a safe workplace and are committed to the protection of the environment

Social Responsibility

We earn the respect and trust of the stakeholder communities through partnerships and our actions


We are transparent and accountable for our actions


We deliver new and creative solutions to maximize the value of the oil and gas fields in the Kingdom of Bahrain