Information & Communications Technology

In 2015, the Information Technology department achieved significant successes in their various enhancements, initiatives and projects.

A project aimed at better management of plant related alarms contributed towards better uptime and safety at the plants.

An IP-based security surveillance system was installed at the Tatweer Petroleum headquarters that allows for centralized monitoring of the facility. Additionally, a high resolution multipurpose LED screen (Electronic Sign Board) was installed at the headquarters’ entrance for communicating key safety statistics and  information to employees.

Upgrades and enhancements were applied to over 25 individual software applications and systems. These include operating systems, storage systems, messaging systems, Tatweer’s public facing website, geophysical and geological systems, production systems and the database system.

An aggressive campaign called “50 in 15” was successfully implemented with 50 legacy processes being automated in 2015 using business process mapping technology. The automation provided Tatweer increased field safety, process accountability, process agility and most importantly a significant increase in performance excellence.

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