Information Technology

In 2018, Tatweer Petroleum continued its substantial investment in Information and Operations Technologies, also known as IT and OT, to support growth, increase productivity and enhance operational resilience.

With the rapid growth of Tatweer Petroleum’s IT/OT footprint, expansion of mission critical systems, minimizing risk from external cyber threats and the need for high availability fault tolerance have grown substantially. Tatweer Petroleum’s IT department is working on a number of major projects aiming at hardening and securing core applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Oracle Reconfiguration project, Maximo maintenance management upgrade including Quality Health Safety and Environment (QHSE), new production allocation system, electronic documents system, enterprise content management, new mobile radio system, major Cyber Security protection projects Windows 10 upgrade and the integration of Exploration and GDS functions into Tatweer Petroleum.

Cloud computing and the Kingdom’s cloud first agenda have introduced significant opportunities in the area of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Tatweer Petroleum has leveraged this emerging technology with the introduction of Data Science Analytics connected to real time maintenance and production data. This will allow the provisioning of better predictive maintenance and improved artificial lift analytic information rapidly to the business.

Tatweer Petroleum’s IT department is working on ensuring IT business processes and systems are governed through a number of specific standards, policies and procedures to meet the emerging Critical IT Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) compliance models and IGA preferred model of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

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