Health, Safety & Environment

Tatweer continued to enhance its HSE programs to prevent and mitigate HSE incidents and reduce operational risks to people and the environment.

The Company and its contractors worked over 8 million man-hours in 2017 without Lost Time Incidents (LTI).

With a strong commitment to safety, Tatweer Petroleum achieved its goals in the leading indicators, through the success of the Safety Observation Cards program, by reporting an average of 10 reports per employee.

The Company sponsored HSE campaigns in 2017 related to Hand Safety and Heat Stress Prevention. These and other program improvements and topics were added to the Contractor HSE Forum, which aims to improve communication between Tatweer and its contractors. Health campaigns, such as Blood Donation, Breast Cancer Awareness and Men’s Health were also promoted in 2017.

Tatweer Petroleum is committed to responsible environmental stewardship and continued its efforts throughout the year to minimize waste and reduce emissions from its operations in the Bahrain Field.

Key Facts

Reports per employee average in the Safety Observation Cards Program
Man-hours worked by Tatweer and its contractors in 2017