Health, Safety, and Environment

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In 2019, the primary focus of HSE was to improve HSE Management Systems by adapting ISO:45001 and obtain stronger employee involvement (both on an individual and management level) in matters pertaining to HSE. The Stage 1 Audit was conducted successfully and verified that the Company is ready for the ISO:45001 certification audit.

Additionally, significant effort was placed on reviewing and updating all HSE procedures in the management system, including, but not limited to, the HSE Management System Manual, incident reporting and investigation, process safety and contractor management.

Overall, there was an improvement in 2019 HSE performance compared to 2018. Tatweer employees completed the year without Lost Time Injuries (LTIs).

In 2019, HSE leadership assessments and training were conducted for management, staff and core contractors to further enhance the Company’s safety culture. A total of 5,803 training man-hours were expended in classroom based training for staff and approximately 12,874 hours for contractors to foster employee and contractor HSE competency. Additionally, approximately 1,655 classroom training sessions were organized by the HSE Department, including those provided to contractors.

Tatweer Petroleum continues to uphold its mission to improve environmental practices in the Bahrain Field. In 2019, the Company undertook key activities towards improving environmental practices, such as constructing and operating mixing/drying facility for wet sludge and operating the storage area, ensuring emission compliance of stack emissions from all point sources within the Bahrain Field, successful operation of the Ambient Air Quality Management System (AAQMS) and collection of ambient air quality data across the Bahrain Field with high accuracy and reliability, maximizing the recycling of waste scrap generated from various operations, and the timely completion of new facility inspections and approvals from an environmental point of view.

The HSE department became internationally recognized by the National Safety Council as a first aid training center. Annual medical checkups for employees were completed and additional tests were introduced in order to improve the control and prevention of infectious diseases.

Tatweer Petroleum is committed to responsible environmental stewardship and continued its efforts throughout the year to minimize waste and reduce emissions from its operations.