Health, Safety & Environment

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In 2018, the primary focus of HSE was to improve safety culture and employee engagement on safety related topics. Additionally, emphasis was placed on reviewing and strengthening various elements of the HSE Management System (HSEMS), including but not limited to incident reporting, investigation and follow up, process safety and contractor management.

Overall, there was an improvement in 2018 HSE performance, compared to 2017, indicating the effectiveness of the proactive measures implemented throughout the year.

Significant efforts and work have been performed into improving the incident management process. The HSE Scorecard was added to all employee performance appraisals to link their HSE performance with their annual performance. An ISO 45001 Certification Steering Committee was established to assist with the implementation of the standards required to become certified in ISO 45001:2018, the International Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

In 2018, HSE leadership assessment and training were conducted for all Tatweer Petroleum management, employees, and core contractors to further enhance the Company’s safety culture. In total, over 12,000 training man-hours were expended in classroom based training to train Tatweer Petroleum employees and approximately 29,000 hours for contractors. In addition, approximately 380 classroom training sessions were organized by the HSE department. The number of first aiders was increased by training 248 additional people in the basics of first aid.

Tatweer Petroleum continues to uphold its mission to improve environmental practices throughout the Bahrain Field. The Tatweer Petroleum Air Emission Compliance Plan was and continues to be implemented and all Tatweer Petroleum source emission monitoring results are now being submitted to the Supreme Council for Environment (SCE). Tatweer Petroleum has ongoing implementation of Predictive Emission Monitoring System (PEMS) and Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS), which will enable the SCE to have daily access to emission status from source emissions. The Company initiated the Wetlands for Produced Water Treatment project, which is a natural water treatment system that removes contaminants via a range of natural processes.

Tatweer Petroleum is committed to responsible environmental stewardship and continued its efforts throughout the year to minimize waste and reduce emissions from its operations.

Key Facts

Individuals trained in the basics of first aid