Health, Safety & Environment

In 2015, Tatweer’s focus continued on improving HSE programs to prevent and mitigate incidents and reduce risks to people and the environment.

A combination of implementing new initiatives and further enhancement of existing HSE management system has been performed.

Tatweer and its contractors worked more than 7.7 million man-hours in 2015 and achieved the lowest combined Injury and Illness Rate (IIR) in Tatweer’s six years of operation, at 0.16 per 200,000 man-hours worked.

With a strong commitment to safety, Tatweer continued its efforts with the Near-Miss
Reporting program.  As part of this program, a business process map was developed to manage near-miss reporting and subsequent follow up actions.  Historical data was migrated into the new system for trends analysis.  In 2015, employees contributed to the success of the program by reporting on average 8.5 reports per person which was 42% higher than the target of 6 reports per person.

Tatweer sponsored HSE campaigns in 2015 related to dropped object prevention, heat stress prevention, HSE week and Hunt the Hazard to improve employees’ and contractors’ hazard awareness in its operations. These and other program improvements and topics were added to the Contractor HSE Forums to improve communication between Tatweer and its contractors. Health campaigns, such as Blood Donation and Breast Cancer Awareness, were also promoted throughout 2015.

Tatweer is committed to responsible environmental stewardship and continued its efforts to minimize waste and reduce emissions from its operations. Furthermore, for the third consecutive year and as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Tatweer partnered with its contractors in a camping waste cleanup campaign following close-out of the camping season.

Key Facts

Recorded staff Injury and Illness rate
Man-hours worked by Tatweer and its contractors 2016