Supply Chain Management

During 2022, the Supply Chain Management (SCM) department processed one thousand nine hundred and twenty (1,920) commitments valued at US$ 1.0408 Billion (BD 392.8 Million) to cover the next three (3) to five (5) years of operations.


During 2022, the Logistics team processed six hundred (600) export and import shipments at the total cost of US$ 2.5 Million (BD 0.9 Million).


At the end of 2022, SCM Warehouse team completed 1,182,342 man-hours without LTI / LTA. Throughout the year, the Warehouse team ‘received in’ materials worth US$ 143 Million (BD 54 Million) and ‘issued out’ materials at a value of US$ 111 Million (BD 42 Million).


Material Inventory at the end of the year was valued at US$ 197.0 Million (BD 74.3 Million) in comparison to the end of 2021, which was valued at US$ 147.7 Million (BD 55.7 Million). The increase in inventory value at the end of 2022 was mainly for drilling, exploration, and workover materials.

SCM has also concluded 2022 write-off materials and scrap sale with a total revenue of US$ 3,415,309 (BD 1,288,796).

Key Facts

Commitments processed in 2022
Man-hours completed without LTI / LTA by SCM Warehouse