Supply Chain Management

During 2017, Supply Chain Management (SCM) continued to identify and achieve reductions across key contracts.  These efforts supported the overall savings made by the Company throughout the year.

Throughout the year, SCM processed 1,312 commitments including major awards for drilling rig services, new technology applications and maintenance and repair services.  SCM completed its first full year operating under Bahrain Tender Law and the Tender Board, receiving no rejections.

At the end of 2017, the SCM Warehouse completed 646,000 man-hours without Lost Time Incident (LTI).

Tatweer continued its Physical Inventory Reconciliation program during the year and a 10% reduction in findings was observed. The Inventory Reduction KPI was set to 10% for each relevant Tatweer department, and SCM continued to support the reduction in inventory by identifying inventory items that could be utilized on new projects instead of purchasing new items.

Key Facts

Commitments processed in 2017
Man-hours completed without LTI / LTA by SCM Warehouse