Asset Protection

Key Facts

Internal wayleaves processed
External wayleaves processed
GIS map updates

Asset Protection department continued to work closely with Tatweer Petroleum’s engineers to ensure that critical projects obtain wayleave approval from within and outside the Company. In 2022, a total of one thousand fifty-six (1,056) internal wayleaves were successfully processed.

Additionally, a total of six hundred eighty-five (685) wayleaves for projects in the Bahrain Field or along the GDN corridors belonging to external entities were completed in 2022. Asset Protection also handled and processed one hundred thirty-one (131) building permits for projects located within the Bahrain Field.

The GIS team has received six hundred sixty-eight (668) GIS survey requests and applied one thousand one hundred sixty-nine (1,169) GIS map updates. This was all captured and reflected on their GIS spatial model ensuring up-to-date GIS information reliable for analysis and decision support.

The Asset Protection new building with its technically advanced Field Surveillance Centre has proved to be a successful key tool in securing the entire Bahrain Field through a smart video surveillance system. The year 2022 allowed the security team to fully explore and exploit the video surveillance system to increase its operation effectiveness and readiness to react and recover from incidents.

In 2022, Asset Protection successfully carried out on-ground surveys covering the whole industrial areas in Hafeera and Askar areas to record and rectify all land use violations to ensure the protection of the production assets and land availability for future development.