Asset Protection

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Internal wayleaves processed
External wayleaves processed
GIS map updates

In 2020, it was agreed with the Bahrain Field security stakeholders to control access using security gates on main access roads to the Bahrain Field, limiting access to only concerned Bahrain Field stakeholders ensuring the public’s safety from facilities and operations and reducing traffic related incidents. 

Tatweer Petroleum, represented by the Asset Protection department, was awarded Esri’s Special Achievement in Geographical Information System (SAG) Award at the Annual Esri User Conference in 2020. The Company was selected from over 300,000 eligible candidates from around the world in recognition of their innovative application of mapping and analytics technology, as well as thought leadership in the field of oil and gas. This award was presented to show appreciation for organizations that have shown effective use of Geographical Information System (GIS) in order to understand complex data and meet global challenges.

During 2020, and as part of sustainable and development programs, Tatweer Petroleum completed the Al-Hunanyniah Oasis project that is aimed to reuse Bahrain Field-produced water for the purpose of irrigation and plantation. Moreover, the tender request entitled “Sustainable Eco-Friendly Treatment for the Bahrain Field Produced Water” was issued through the Bahrain Tender Board (BTB) and the contract negotiation with the winning bidder has commenced. The project will enhance the process of treating the produced water to improve productivity and reduce cost, in addition to the enhancement of the environment and waste management. With the aim to improve energy sustainability, the pilot Engineering Service Contractor (ESCO) project was awarded under the supervision of NOGA through the BTB tender process. This project aims to enhance the utilization of energy saving measures on buildings (government properties for the purpose of the pilot) to reduce power usage and save Natural Gas.