Vision & Mission


To become the recognized leader of sustainable growth and prosperity in Bahrain.

This Vision will be realized by:

  • Meeting Bahrain’s future demand for energy
  • Transferring technology and skills to develop Bahrain’s workforce
  • Fostering a world-class culture of safety and environmental stewardship
  • Successfully revitalizing the mature Bahrain Field
  • Supporting Bahrain’s Vision 2030


Explore and develop oil and gas fields in the Kingdom of Bahrain to maximize value for stakeholders and contribute to the growth of the country’s economy.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Safely and economically optimizing production and maximizing reserves whilst protecting the environment
  • Meeting gas demand for an expanding local economy
  • Prudently investing and stewarding this national resource
  • Providing employment and economic growth opportunities to the people of Bahrain



We will foster a passionate and inspired workforce by providing the opportunity to learn and advance in our performance-driven organization

Health, Safety and Environment

We strive to provide a safe workplace and are committed to the protection of the environment

Social Responsibility

We earn the respect and trust of the stakeholder communities through partnerships and our actions


We are transparent and accountable for our actions


We deliver new and creative solutions to maximize the value of the oil and gas fields of the Kingdom of Bahrain